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MyPregnancy (1)Every birth is a special event, and we’re delighted that you chose us to share this journey with you! Our commitment is to provide you with the highest level of safe, competent, and personalized care to assure the health of you and your baby.

LowCountry Women’s Specialists provides complete obstetrical care that includes prenatal visits, the delivery and a postpartum evaluation. For your convenience, prenatal labs and routine ultrasounds are performed in the office.

We proudly deliver babies at the beautiful, newly-renovated Women and Childrens Center at Summerville Medical Center on Midland Parkway. We are looking forward to delivering babies at the new Roper Saint Francis Berkeley Hospital, scheduled for obstetric admissions Fall 2019.

Pregnancy By Trimester

Whether you’re just starting out on the journey into motherhood or if you’ve become the certified expert, each pregnancy is a unique experience. Use the by trimester guide below to guide you through this exciting time in your life.

First Trimester (weeks 2 - 13)

The hormones of early pregnancy may have you thinking you are on a physical and emotional roller coaster. Anxious, excited or sad? Most women may have some of these feelings in their first trimester as they get adjusted to the idea of being pregnant. Perhaps you are experiencing cramping or feeling exhausted, nauseated or bloated.


While these signs and symptoms of a healthy pregnancy are a bit uncomfortable, they are usually gone by the end of your 1st trimester. Try to keep your sense of humor and your sense of wonder as your body becomes the home for a totally unique creation – your baby.

What to expect:

❑ Need to urinate more often.

❑ Feeling very tired.

❑ Nauseated and even vomiting.

❑ Craving certain foods or loss of appetite.

❑ Heartburn or indigestion.

❑ Constipation.

❑ Feeling bloated or heavy.

❑ Gain or loss of a few pounds.

When to call:

❑ Heavy vaginal bleeding or clotting.

❑ Lighter bleeding that lasts for more than one day.

❑ The passage of grayish or pinkish tissue.

❑ Any amount of bleeding that is accompanied by cramps, fever, chills or dizziness

❑ Severe pain in abdomen.

❑ Dehydration.

❑ A fever of more than 101°F.

❑ Painful urination.

Second Trimester (weeks 14 - 27)

By the second trimester of pregnancy you are starting to feel better – your appetite is back and you have more energy, you are more mentally and emotionally adjusted to the idea of having a baby, and you are ready for the fun part of the journey.

The baby growing inside of you takes vitamins, minerals and protein away from you so eating a balanced diet and not skipping meals is vital to staying healthy during pregnancy. Try your best to avoid fatty foods and empty calories. But now and then, treat yourself to your favorite dessert or fast food meal! Savor every bite.

One of the most thrilling moments in your second trimester occurs when you begin to feel your baby moving inside you. This usually happens between 18-20 weeks. At first you may notice just a faint fluttering. Enjoy the feeling of wonder during these early days because before too long this child will be kicking and wiggling with such force that you cannot miss it!

What you may experience:

❑ Increased appetite and easing of nausea and fatigue.

❑ Abdomen beginning to expand – by the end of this trimester, the top of your uterus will be near the rib cage.

❑ Abdomen aches on one side or the other as the ligaments that support the uterus are stretched.

❑ Swelling of feet and ankles.

❑ Hip and back pain.

When to call:

❑ Heavy vaginal bleeding or clotting.

❑ Any amount of bleeding that is accompanied by pain, fever, or chills.

❑ Severe abdominal or shoulder pain.

❑ A severe or persistent headache, particularly one that is accompanied by dizziness, faintness, or visual disturbances.

❑ Dehydration.

❑ A fever of more than 101°F.

❑ Painful urination.

❑ A watery discharge from the vagina.

❑ Sudden swelling of the face, hands or feet.

❑ A significant decrease in fetal movement after the 24th week of pregnancy.

❑ The signs of premature labor: regular uterine contractions, lower back pain, a feeling of heaviness in the lower pelvis or abdomen, diarrhea, slight spotting or bleeding or a watery fluid or mucus discharge.

Third Trimester (weeks 28 - 40)

Here you are on the last leg of your journey through pregnancy. Baby is taking up most of the room in your abdomen now, reminding you with every movement that it’s time to get the nursery in order and sign up for those childbirth classes. While we understand this 3rd trimester can be physically and emotionally challenging; remaining positive and looking forward to that bundle of joy you’ll soon hold in your arms will make the wait worthwhile.

Understanding the changes you’ll experience will hopefully ease your anxiety and prepare you for the exciting weeks ahead. Remember, we’re in this together and we’re here to answer your questions and help put your mind at ease.

What you may experience:

❑ BACKACHE: As the baby grows the pelvic bone relaxes which causes lower back pain. Comfortable shoes, exercise, massage and Tylenol may help. If you’ve tried and none of these seem to work, give us a call and we’ll work with you to make you more comfortable.

❑ HEARTBURN: Heartburn is common in pregnancy and contrary to the old wives tale of your baby having a head full of hair; the growing uterus pushes the stomach out of its normal position which may contribute to heartburn. Eating smaller meals, avoiding spicy or fried foods, citrus fruits or juices, and drinking plenty of fluids may help. Tums, Rolaids or any of the meds listed on the approved medications list may also be helpful.

❑ BRAXTON HICKS CONTRACTIONS: Like the song says, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby.” These are sometimes referred to as “false labor” pains. They can begin as early as 28 weeks. We normally recommend ensuring you are well hydrated by drinking at least 32 oz of water then lying down on your left side. These contractions go away. True contractions will get stronger and closer together, even with rest.


❑ Leaking fluid without control.

❑ Severe pain.

❑ Heavy bleeding.

❑ Contractions 5-7 apart for greater than 1 hour; unless you’ve been instructed differently.

What to Expect at my Visits

The list below is meant to be a general guide for a low risk, uncomplicated pregnancy. Your actual services will vary depending on you and your unique clinical needs.

First Visit

This will be an intake visit for the doctor to review your history and any pertinent details pertaining to your pregnancy. Routine prenatal lab work will be discussed and offered,as well as and any additional studies that are indicated. An Ultrasound is ordered based on availability and how far along you are. Physical exam, including gynecological exam, is performed during this visit. The doctor will review any medications that you take and any medical conditions, and explain the most current options of genetic screening and chromosomal testing.

We are proud to collaborate with local well-respected Laborist teams to provide 24 hour physician coverage to our patients in the hospital. We are currently delivering at the beautiful, newly-renovated Women and Childrens Center at Summerville Medical Center on Midland Parkway. We are looking forward to delivering babies at the new Roper Saint Francis Berkeley Hospital, scheduled for obstetric admissions this Fall 2019. We look forward to experiencing this journey with you and your family and welcome your little one into the world!



Click here for more information on Prenatal Testing. 1st Visit Prenatal Testing

❑ Complete blood count

❑ Blood Type, Rh factor & Antibody screening

❑ Rubella Immunity Screening

❑ Hepatitis B testing

❑ Syphilis Testing

❑ HIV Testing

❑ Cystic Fibrosis (optional)

Second Trimester

During the second trimester, you’ll typically see your physician once every four weeks unless you have problems or complications that call for more frequent checkups. During these visits we’ll check your weight and urine, measure and monitor fetal growth and of course listen for the baby’s heartbeat. If you’re anxious to know what color to buy for the nursery, you’ll be finding out during these next couple of weeks!

12-15 Weeks:

❑ Nuchal Translucency U/S

❑ NT Part I & Part II

❑ Quad Screening Click here for more information on these screenings.

18-20 Weeks:

❑ Anomaly Ultrasound

Third Trimester

In your third trimester (28 weeks through the end of your pregnancy), you’ll most likely have a checkup every two weeks from 28 to 36 weeks, then switch to once-a-week visits until you deliver. This is when things start winding down. We’ll continue to watch for fetal growth, monitor your blood pressure and urine and keep a keen eye on you and baby. You’ll visit with your OB Coordinator again to go over some last minute details and ensure we have everything together in preparation for the BIG DAY!

28-40 Weeks:

❑ Gestational Diabetes Testing

❑ Group B Strep

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