Getting regular screening is critical to your cervical health. We are proud to offer the most advanced cervical imaging system available: Dysis Colposcopy.
Your doctor may ask you to schedule a colposcopy exam if you’ve had abnormal results from your Pap test or HPV test, or if you have certain symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, vaginal discharge, or pelvic pain. The purpose of a colposcopy is to look for cervical precancers and rule out cervical cancer, giving you peace of mind.
Colposcopy is an examination of your cervix using a colposcope, which is a special microscope with a light. Advancements in technology like the DYSIS colposcopes help doctors detect precancerous lesions on your cervix and monitor and track cervical changes over time.
Standard colposcopy is used with a special microscope and light, but DYSIS offers computer-aided colposcopy to help give clinicians additional information during a colposcopy exam. Clinical studies have shown that when DYSISmap is used in addition to a visual colposcopy exam, detection of pre-cancerous areas can increase by 31-60%.