Effective 12/21/20

To better serve our patients and staff, we made changes to our online scheduling portal. Starting today, patients are no longer able to create their own online appointment.  We elected to disable this option because our schedules are too complicated to be managed in this manner and it caused confusion and double bookings, disrupting our work flow. 

Please complete the appointment request, providing information about:

  • Physician you want to see
  • when you want the appointment (ie. this week)
  • reason for visit (annual preventive, problem visit for …)
  • Additional info for the provider (details of your problem or concern OR first day of your last menstrual period for newly pregnant patients)
  • particular day of the week
  • time of day (ie. morning, afternoon)
  • Office location- Carnes or Summerville
  • Insurance information 

A staff member will review the request and find an appointment time that meets your preferences.  You will receive a text message informing you of your scheduled time and location. If that time is not suitable, please request another appointment or call the office at 797-3664 to speak to a phone scheduler. 

Please bring your insurance card and photo ID to your appointments.  We cannot use images of insurance cards on cell phones as we are unable to scan those into our electronic record.

Thank you for choosing Lowcountry Women’s Specialists for your female healthcare needs!